For manufacturers:

  • Varieties of metelurgic semifinnished products and goods
    that are intended for manufacturing of jewelery, conins and medals
  • Sale of golden and silver semiproducts
  • Sale of machinery and jigs for manufacturing and machining of jewelry
  • Sale of accessories for goldsmith's and tradesmen.

For custommers:

  • Sale of jewelry
  • Exchange sale of jewelry
  • Order sales of jewelry
  • Jewelry repair
  • Sale of silver jewelry
  • Commissional sale of jewelry
  • Advisory for purchasing and sales of jewelry made of precius metals and stones
  • Loanings in exchange for jewelry
  • Inscribing and engraving
  • Purchasing of preciuos stones, metals and jewelry
  • Creating of original jewelry patterns according to customers request.

Consultation activities:

  • Creating court order assesnemts for jewelry
  • Jewelry autenticity certificates
  • Precious metals and stones cosultation
  • Purity tests
  • Logotype melting.